Experiment Two Reflection

I enjoyed researching and learning about the fiction genre. Going through this experimental process allowed me to realize the immense freedom that comes with writing within the fiction genre. The creativity the author is afforded makes it appealing in that it can be tailored perfectly to the writers style, being that the story and themes can be produced out of thin air with any reasonable or unreasonable basis. When I considered an open letter for my last experimental piece, I began to realize how detrimental to my argument it would be for the audience to know that a 19 year-old student with no experience in what he was discussing would be to the points I was trying to make and have heard. I think that while this genre has addressed my biggest concern writing about this topic, it does bring a new issue to the forefront. The story I am writing is fictional now, and fiction carries less realism than an open letter. My story will be made up, and my audience will know that, so instead of narrating a true story with real-life implications, I’ll be discussing a fictional story with themes that may not be taken seriously by an audience reading for entertainment purposes. I’ve left behind numerous aspects of my origin piece, most notably the reversal from nonfiction to fiction style writing. This has decreased the seriousness of my ideas, yet added a level of entertainment and youth to my stories. If I were to fully realize this genre, I would certainly need to learn to toe the line between making my story feel plausible yet keep it entertaining in an effort to subtly unleash my themes in the mind of the audience. I would also need to learn to write in a manner that appeases all audiences and a storyline that could be understood and related to by all types of audiences with a wide array of demographics. If I were to publish this piece, I believe the best step would be to find a true story that intrigued me, and base my fictional story off of it. This would provide a realistic feel and idea of relatedness in my story. I feel as though my story would be best understood in books if it were published. This would add a sense of novelty, and thus realness to the readers. This style of writing is far different than the open letter I explored for experiment one, and has allowed me to realize that my status as a 19 year-old prevents me from being able to deliver a logical argument regarding a phenomenon that I had never experienced. I look forward to the third experimental piece because my experiences with this experiment taught me that despite my positivity in regards to my idea, there are flaws I can recognize after being exposed to a more cohesive genre. My ability to adapt as a writer to changing genres hopefully can result in a final piece that reflects the culmination of my efforts.

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