Final Answer

I’ve been on the fence about which experiment I should do for my final project for a while. Since I’m posting this publicly, I’m going to lock my final answer in at Experiment No. 2!

My second experiment was a photo collection of my life in shooting sports with a little blurb explaining what I learned and specific things that happened in the picture. In my plans for completely realizing this experiment, I want to capture my theme of identity and how shooting sports have shaped my life.

The only reason that this experiment is “the one” over my third experiment is that the third one seems to be too far of a stretch from my other experiments. I am concerned, however, that my second experiment is too similar to my origin piece. How do I alter it to make it different without completely changing the experiment? I didn’t realize how close it was until I started planning my final project. I’m thinking of altering the text underneath my photos to be structured like poetry. Hopefully this will not stray too far from my experiment.

The first part of my plan of attack on this project is to figure out a way to organize my collection of photos. I don’t consider myself to be really technologically challenged; I’ve just never had my own website so I am a little intimidated with how it will work out.

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