Final Project–Elective Memory

My final project will be an Instagram page with people’s first memories of politics or the first time they became involved in the political sphere. I wanted to prompt people to think deeply about where their political beliefs come from and how their environment may have influenced that in one way or another. The Instagram page will take the form of “Humans of New York”-style-interviews in which each person will have their quotation and pictures that will supplement the text.

This experiment has been the most influential for be because I have gotten to interview so many people–many of whom I do not know super well. I’ve listened to dozens of really cool, funny, and moving stories that I have incorporated into my page thus far, and I hope to continue this project for years to come!

Some questions/concerns I have so far is: how do I reach a wider audience and publicize my page so that more people can contribute their stories and read others? And what can I do to improve the continuity of my page in terms of style and design?

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