Folding Up My Final Project

For my final project in the Minor in Writing Gateway course, I’ll be finishing my experiment 3: a pamphlet encouraging readers to start a journal.

Actually, I’ll be writing two pamphlets. I realized part-way through my experiment that I was really trying to address two audiences that were very different: adolescents and college students. I’ll be writing two different versions of my project using language and resources that are best correlated with the audience in mind.

I targeted these two age groups because these time periods are highly stressful and are when many mental health problems first show up. Since journaling has many emotional and mental health benefits, I thought it could be especially useful to these groups.

My sample from Experiment 3, aimed towards the college demographic.

This project is really meaningful to me because songwriting, which was my form of journaling, helped me through some really tough times in middle and high school. I was able to rant, tell my side of the story, ask questions, or create a happy ending all through my songs. I would love to help others find this release and explore their writing in a new form through this project.

I plan to finish designing the pamphlets and then print some out to distribute. I might stash some on campus to see what happens, or T suggested reaching out to a local high school to see if they might be interested in having some available to their students. This way they can actually get in people’s hands and, hopefully, impact them in a positive way. I’m excited to see what the future holds for this project!

One thought to “Folding Up My Final Project”

  1. Wow, I love the idea of creating two separate pamphlets for two separate audiences. I considered doing something similar for my FRE. I’m curious what made you choose to a pamphlets as opposed to, say, a handout. Perhaps you could consider attaching a blanket sheet of paper to the pamphlets as a way for your audience to try out a journal.

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