Hating it all?

Have you ever come to the end of the project, reread your work, and realized “I hate this?” I think I’m being a little dramatic, but it wouldn’t be Casey fashion if I weren’t overreacting a bit. However, I am running into a wall less than a week before the Capstone project is due. It’s not that I hate all of my work, I promise that I don’t – it’s just that, around this time of every project, I tend to second guess all of the hard work that I’ve put into a project.

When I was in English 325, I wrote a very personal essay about my relationship with my hometown and all of the people that I grew up with. I was so proud of my work, until the night before it was due, I decided to revamp a majority of the essay, not sharing all of the details that I originally intended to. Looking back on it, I wish I would’ve included those details, but in a better, more concise yet also detailed, way. I hated my work, but then I hated it even more when I didn’t include all of those details – so, maybe I’m wondering how you function when you think you hate your work?

Do you continue to power through – trusting yourself and your story? Do you play devil’s advocate and go through all of your work with a fine tooth comb until you’re happy with the final result? Not sure what I’ll end up doing, but curious to know if anyone else feels this way!

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