I need to drink some coffee & relax

Normally, I feel so good about picking what material to put in a project and what to cut.

I know what adds value, what adds context, what adds a little extra flair and creativity to a project to give it some spark. Typically, this isn’t the hardest part of writing for me — this is the part that makes a story what it is, and generally, I’m good at telling stories.

With this project, though, I feel like I’m drowning in how much information there is. How many infographics are too many? I’ve done interviews, but how do I incorporate them in a way that adds the right amount of flair, and doesn’t stray too far from the beaten path? Does everything make sense together, or is it just a mishmash of information? How do you choose what to include when you’ve got a million different things to choose from?

I think I’m doing the inevitable by trying to protect my project too much, and not giving it the freedom it needs. I know I just need to let it flow, to make decisions that feel natural and include things that I think make sense. It’s important to trust your gut when writing, and not the image of how you picture the “perfect” project turning out in the end. Nothing’s perfect anyways, right?

I want to relax moving forward and just let the project drive where it needs to go. I think we looked at something earlier in the year about how we’re the horse and not the rider (rider and not the horse? I think it’s the first one.) We’re here to help get our audience to a place, not to control the way they get there — hopefully, with a little relaxation (and maybe some coffee) that will happen 🙂

One thought to “I need to drink some coffee & relax”

  1. Hi Laney,

    I relate to what you’ve written here so much. After I’ve finished producing content for my project, I had doubts if everything makes sense, or if the content has any purpose at all or if they just look like random facts put together onto a website. I remember writing the project proposal and thinking that “yes, my project has a purpose” but I’m not so sure now anymore. So many things have changed from the original proposal and it now sounds completely different than what I want it to be.

    But I find comfort in your last paragraph. You’re right. We’re here to present our audience with the research we’ve done, and “not to control the way they get there.” This reminds me of my conversation with Ray earlier this semester when I said to him that I wanted to change my project into an argumentative project. The thing with arguing is that, some people have already made up their mind, so changing their position can be a futile effort. I have taken this advice into my life recently. I like fighting off Twitter users if they say something that I disagree with but after this advice, I have become more gentle at dealing with my internet rage.

    Anyway, good luck with the rest of your writing! 🙂

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