Introducing my Capstone Project: Going Behind the Student Activist Leader Curtain

Hello, minor in writing community!

I can’t believe the time has come to report out about my capstone project. It feels like I was in the North Quad classroom for my gateway class last semester. Congrats to everyone on completing their gateway and capstone projects–and a special congratulations to the class of 2019!

I am bittersweet to share that I have officially finished my minor in writing capstone project: Going Behind the Student Activist Leader Curtain.

The opportunity to pursue my capstone project came at the perfect time: my final semester at the University of Michigan. I entered this project with a mission to provide student activists with a platform to elevate and empower their voices and work, but it also became an opportunity for me and the interviewees to mutually reflect on our time at Michigan and what the ideal Michigan would be like.

Through interviewing the various student activist leaders, I unexpectedly found myself using the post-interview conversation to reflect on our Michigan experiences. As I come to the end of my career, I am incredibly happy that I applied for the minor in writing. As a former speech and debate nerd, I have been able to use my minor in writing work to continue to polish my communication skills and learn how to better use my voice to serve others. More importantly, through this capstone project–and some other assignments–I have also begun my journey of helping provide others with platforms to empower their own voices.

What I wasn’t expecting from completing my capstone project was the array of emotions I and the interviewees experienced throughout the process. In navigating the interviews, I had a few unexpected heart-to-heart moments with the interviewees. The most notable was when we would discuss their campus legacies, realizing how one person can make a genuine, productive impact on our campus community. The other teary moments were completely unexpected: when I would simply say “thank you on behalf of the student body.” Almost all interviewees had the same glassy-eye, teary response. It left me speechless as I had the realization many of these critical student leaders seldom received any gratitude.

Thank you to all my friends, family, classmates, and educators (shout out, Shelley, for dealing with me twice! 🙂 ) for helping me complete my capstone project–and helping me navigate my Michigan experience. Although our campus is not a perfect institution, I hope my capstone project will help our campus community get even closer to our ideal Michigan.

Before I start getting too emotional…

You can check out my project, Going Behind the Student Activist Leader curtain here. I hope you enjoy–and become more cognizant of some of the incredible student activist leaders on our campus.

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