Introducing: social change & baseball games

As humans, it seems we spend most of our lives waiting in anticipation. For the weekend, the end of exams, seeing a friend, a concert, a movie, to get married, to have babies, to fall in love.

Seconds seem to tick by excruciatingly slow, each hour dragging on and longer than the next. It isn’t until we’ve finally reached that day we’ve been waiting for that we realize how fast time has slipped from our fingers.

Some 100 odd days ago, in the midst of a new semester inducing stress into each minute of my day, I wished for summer. For long days filled with sunlight, the absence of backaches from leaning over textbooks, restful sleeps, and time with friends and family back home.

As expected, I’ve reached the point where summer is not even three days away and I have done a 180: I don’t want to leave. I wished away time and now I’m doing everything I can to try to make up for the fact that I’m unable to get it back.

Despite the countless hours of hard work I put into this portfolio, it almost feels like it was manifested out of the sky, out of atmospheric dust, directly from my mind onto the screen. I look back and try to remember how I got here, but it’s all kind of a blur.

I guess with all this I’m just trying to say take a moment and appreciate each lick of life. It’s sweet and rare and impossible to replicate, to relive. Recognize where you’ve been instead of always looking forward.

I hope my portfolio helps you think about some of these things. I hope it slows your world, the spin of the earth on its axis, for just a moment to allow you a minute to breathe and think and reflect.

If I could summarize my portfolio, I would say it’s about life. I know, it sounds dumb and all too broad. But it’s true, it’s about passion and love and failure and time slipping through fingers like wet sand, slick and all too fast.

I hope that if you read it, if you navigate its pages and read the words encrypted on its body, that you gain a new understanding — and most of all, appreciation — for life.

Thank you.

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