I’ve done it…

Well, against all odds (really, in my reflection for this experiment I even explicitly ended with the sentence “this will not be my final project) I have decided to fully-realize experiment 1, my website/magazine website. This site, created on Wix, will serve as a culture and inspiration hub for millennials/college students. In contrast to my origin material, which touched on the common negative media stereotyping of our generation, I will be creating a space for positive posts about millennials. The site is called “Millennial Moment.”

my landing page of “Millennial Moment”

Basically, after completing experiment 3 I knew this had to be “the one.” This was really the only experiment that I thoroughly enjoyed envisioning/designing/doing. I like that its multimedia, for a change. I also kept comparing every subsequent experiment I created to this one, which told me that this site is something I didn’t want to let go.

Moving forward, the only real concern I have is time. Though, I have completed some major steps within the project this weekend, so I’m feeling better about it all. It will be quite the task to both make the vehicle for the content (the website) and the content itself (the articles/listicles on the site), but it’s a task that I’m up for.

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  1. I think that this is a great idea, and definitely something that I would be interested in reading. I like how you transitioned your tone to being more positive! Good luck!

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