Lack of Visual Creativity?

I’m not sure if anyone else is finding this to be a challenge, but my inability to navigate any website online is starting to cause a few issues. To provide a bit of context, I’m creating a blog on Wix, which doesn’t sound like it would be that hard (I mean, I blog in my free time on a Weebly site, so I decided to give Wix a try- how hard could it be). Right now, I’m wishing I decided to stick with Weebly. First off, I’m having a bit of trouble with the site. My blog posts keep saving, but not in the right place. Has anyone else had this happen before? If so, how did you fix it? While this has kept me up a few nights, it’s not even the worst of it.

The biggest problem I’m running into is how to make my posts visually appealing. I had the exact same problem in my Gateway portfolio. I never knew how to align the text, insert photos, or provide the reader with a certain “vibe.” I was constantly told to center my texts, or provide more white space, or insert a photo that I took instead of a stock picture. It was the hardest thing for me. And sadly, I’m running into that problem again with my Capstone project. While I have a better idea of the “vibe” that I’m going for (bright colors with lots of white space and photos of myself and my friends), I’m still figuring out how to align text on my page so that it’s appealing to read. I’m thinking about going through my Gateway portfolio to figure out what I finally did to be successful, as well as other portfolios on the Minor in Writing site to get some ideas. If anyone else has tips, I would love to hear them!

I hope everyone is chugging along in these last couple of weeks. I cannot wait to see all of your finished portfolios. Best of luck writing!

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  1. Hi Casey!
    I am dealing with the same issues that you are in terms of figuring out how to make my capstone look appealing and not knowing how to navigate Wix. I would say in terms of saving your project, you should make sure you hit save even though it claims to automatically save your work. A few times my content didn’t get saved when I thought it was and it got really frustrating. You still have the option to click save, so I would definitely do that. It might be a good idea to watch YouTube videos on how to create Wix sites and look around other people’s pages to get an idea of what parts of Wix you want work on.

  2. Casey —

    I think it’s great you decided to switch to a new platform! Though frustrating, it’s never a bad thing to master another technology. When I saw that YOU were the author of a blog titled “Lack of Visual Creativity?” I audibly laughed. I have seen your color coded project timeline, your picture perfect calendar & the pen selection that accompanies it. You my friend, are visually creative. You have the eye, and the drive for an aesthetic that is appropriate for a holistic well-being blog.
    I wish I could be more helpful with the technical intricacies of Wix, though I am struggling just as much as you are. My one suggestion is to keep saving and keep previewing the website so you can see what we’d see.
    I’m sure you’ve had plenty of experiences with health & wellness blogs. In my opinion, the most attractive ones are clean, have a calming color scheme, and are easy to navigate. Don’t think about it too much, and go with what feels natural. If you think a stock photo is more fitting than one you took, do it. If you think a pop of bright color is fitting for the post, do it. While it’s a good idea to get inspiration, my suggestion is to go with your gut because that’s what got you here in the first place.

    Good luck & can’t wait to read!


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