Let the Darkness Fear // Challenge Blog #4

Hello All!
I’ve been struggling with motivation this semester. With graduation and my wedding coming up, getting the things that I need to get done has been pretty hard. 

But this project, this project I’m doing has been on my heart for a while. And I was reminded this past weekend of why I am doing this specific project.

You see, this past weekend was Jr High Tool Time. Tool Time is a weekend retreat for youth. We coordinate speakers, worship teams,  small discussion groups, a community service event, games, and so much more. Many people I know have been extremely impacted by this weekend. I have been too. I’ve worked it for the past four years and I love it. Our theme for this year was “Be Still” based on Psalm 46’s, “Be still and know that I am God.”

During one of the songs for the weekend, we linked arms and jumped up and down for the last couple of choruses. We sang to “let the darkness fear.” This song is so upbeat and joyful that I almost started crying every time we sang it. “Let the darkness fear.”

In my faith, we believe that the devil wants to destroy us. Mentally, physically, emotionally, socially, but most of all… spiritually. This line, as we jump up and down and sing at the top of our lungs is us praising God because our Savior has defeated sin, death, and the devil. The darkness fears. 

This project that I’m doing. It’s taking the things that have aimed to destroy us and bringing it to the light. Not only is it bringing the dark to light, it’s showing the power of God. You can hear it in how my participants talk about Jesus. Their sorrow, their shame, their darkness… it turns to JOY, it turns to praise. Let the darkness fear.

It’s powerful to know that this project is coming into existence. Everything I do is an act of worship, and I hope this brings praise to Christ. I hope that this joy that I am feeling towards working on this project continues. 
How do you keep up motivation when exciting things are happening and things are coming to an end? I need to know! With job applications, wedding invites in the mail, and a summer of fun coming up, I’m nervous my motivation will slip again. 

Do you have any songs to listen to? Any articles to read? Any tips?

-Adele Gendron (though it’s 129 days before I change this name!)

One thought to “Let the Darkness Fear // Challenge Blog #4”

  1. Hey Adele!
    I’m only a sophomore but I definitely have “Senioritis” when it comes to semesters ending with summer approaching. I can’t tell if it’s something I’ve learned or just plain old anxiety, but I tend to not rest or enjoy anything until I get everything done. It is very hard, but once you get started, don’t stop until it’s over!
    Music is a huge part of my life so I would suggest creating a playlist of music that you enjoy or that brings back good memories to help keep you motivated. I titled mine “Nostalgia Potluck” because it consists of a wide range of genres and music styles. If you’re looking for new stuff, here is a short list of what I’ve been listening to recently.

    If you like…try…

    Classical Piano- Brahms Piano Intermezzo in b minor, Op. 119; Malaguena (kinda spicy); Chopin Waltz in c#minor, Op.64 No.2; Totentanz (very cool; don’t knock it until you listen to the whole thing)
    Rock- Led Zeppelin; Queen; Rush; ACDC; Santana
    Indie- BrotherSon; Hala; Turnover; Tame Impala; Circa Survive; Balance and Composure
    Country- Dolly Parton (9to5 gets me up in the morning)
    90s Pop Punk- Bikini Kill
    Heavier Rock/kinda Metal- “Smokahontas” by Attack Attack!; Black Sabbath; Dream Theater (“Instrumedly” is amazing)
    Something Sweet- “Detroit Baby” by Habibi; anything by The Monkees; ELTON JOHN
    Something Sad- “My Baby Shot Me Down” by Nancy Sinatra; anything Mitski
    Something Spacey/Psychedelic- “Dark Side of the Moon” by Pink Floyd; anything by Yes and/or Eddie Hazel; Bob Marley

    These are only a couple suggestions; I won’t bombard you with my entire library! I hope you have a great rest of your college career and beautiful wedding!

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