My Photo Essay Stole My Heart

From before I began working on my experiments I had a feeling which I was going to fall in love with. Unlike most things I jump the gun on, however, this intuition was correct. As my source material was centered around human fears and how they invade our lives, my second experiment interviewed my friends about what their biggest fears are, if these fears are innate or a product of time, and how their lives have been influenced by them.

I was mildly weary of how the final product would come about because I worried many people would be afraid of the same things. While this is absolutely logical from a human and social perspective, it would be rather inconvenient for my photo essay to rewrite the same sentiments in mildly different wording alongside different names and pictures. To my surprise, however, the majority of the responses I received had different themes, and even when the general idea had been similar, it was justified and expanded upon from a unique perspective.

This project has been far richer and more rewarding than I ever expected, and its made me grow an attachment to working on and fully applying myself to perfecting its creative and visual components. Since submitting my experiment with 3 interviews, I have added 4 more and intend to add another 3. The one concern I’m experiencing now is with regards to narrowing down the responses I employ for the final submission, however I do not want to steal from my friends’ time by not representing them. My plan to handle this dilemma is to take it out on the order I use for the responses.

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