New trick I learned

Because the amount of writing I had to produce for this project was nothing like anything from before, I was compelled to organize a systematic writing process so I don’t get lost. In the end, I did discover an efficient and convenient trick that I will continue to apply when I write: First, I would have two Word documents open at once. I approached this project by opening two blank Word documents and accordingly dividing the kind of writing I put on. On the first one, I put down basically any idea of fragment that came to mind. It worked like an unorganized notes folder. The contents on this unorganized document weren’t in any particular order, because I didn’t know yet what order would make most sense. Some were barely bullet points and not even grammatical. They were mostly ‘mental cues’ that haven’t been formulated into actual sentences. But on the second document, I only put what I considered finished paragraphs. I assembled fragments from the first doc, and whenever I thought I finished a paragraph, I pasted it on the second doc. Then, I opened a third doc and try to reorganize the finished paragraphs into cohesive order. This process helped me keep track of what ideas have been touched and what ideas are still left alone. Another thing that was useful for me was to create a folder on the Notes app on my phone for the project, but I don’t think this applies to everyone. Some people get all the writing done at designated times on their desk, and not even think about it elsewhere. But I often got stuck sitting on my desk and had to come back to the ideas I didn’t get to finish. New plans and ideas would suddenly come up when I didn’t have my laptop with me, so for the first few weeks, I wrote them down on my phone. But because they were besides all my other notes on the app, it was hard to put them together to my laptop later. So I created a separate folder towards the end of the process, and that really hastened the production.

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