Ode to My Shower

Oh, shower. We’ve been through a lot together.
I’m sorry for taking you for granted.
You have always been there for me throughout my entire life
seeing things no one else should see.

Thank you for dealing with me.
I’m sorry I sometimes dread using you.
I’m sorry I tend to overstay my welcome–
it’s hard to leave your company.

I’m sorry for mistreating you.
I’m sorry you had to see me dance.
I’m sorry for dropping so many shampoo bottles on you.
I’m sorry for bringing in a guest with me–
you really didn’t deserve that one.

You watched me grow.

Thank you for listening to my shower singing.
Thank you for letting me act out arguments and witty responses.
Thank you for helping me figure out my deepest thoughts.
Thank you for washing my tears away.

You deserve better.


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