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Earlier this semester, we were asked to discuss our writing rituals. For almost all of college, my writing ritual has been the same. An almond milk Spanish latte and one of the booths at the Espresso Royale on South University is exactly what I need to put pen to paper. If I’m there in the morning and it’s sunny, I’m even more productive!

These have been my “rules” for quite some time. I haven’t been tempted to tamper with it, as I didn’t know if it could get much better. However, senioritis called for drastic measures to be taken. Even this beloved ritual did not give me the motivation I needed to work on my project. So, I started to experiment with music. I found words to be distracting, so I tried to limit it to classical music. This didn’t seem to increase my creativity, so I kept looking.

I eventually landed on a “writing inspiration” playlist on Spotify and wow. I’ve never been able to focus for so long. It was like words were magically appearing on my screen. While I’m not sure if my productivity was a direct result of this playlist, I know that this will definitely be something I incorporate into my writing ritual in the future. Has anyone else’s rituals changed as this course has progressed? Why? How?

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  1. Hey Sam! Yes–my writing rituals definitely have changed! The role of music in my writing process is definitely something I’ve been thinking about a lot recently. Some days, I can’t seem to listen to any music at all. Other days, like today, I have to have my headphones on with music blasting so that I can concentrate. At the beginning of the semester, I swore by writing in the early morning, when the world was quiet and I could concentrate on my own. Because of a crazy schedule, I simply have not been able to return to that time and place very frequently. I have noticed that my music choice on the day, while different from day to day, serves the same purpose–it has to get me to tune out the world around me and focused on what’s in front of me. I have been wrestling with what it means to “break” my own writing rules. Is this something that you’ve been thinking about as well?

  2. Hi Sam! Wow, I can totally relate. Being in six credits is all fun and games until you actually need the motivation to be productive. Like you, I often find myself in a coffee shop, ordering an almond milk latte and cranking out thousands of words within a couple of hours. This semester, however, everything has changed. While I used to light a candle in my room before I started to write here, I now find myself writing in the presence of my roommates. While we all may be doing something different, there’s something comforting about the fact that I’m with my people. I’m sure you can relate because you’re roommates are incredible people. That being said, my ritual has changed. I now find myself listening to Chelsea Cutler on repeat while writing in my living room with chocolate or La Croix close by. It’s a different ritual, but I’ve found it to work. Perhaps changing it up is just what we need to be productive?

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