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Lately I’ve been thinking about how I came to be a creative person. I know that I somehow am able to put my ideas out there and make them come to life because recently, for the first time I was able to create the scenes for one of the fashion shows on campus and it actually all came together really nicely. I never used to be one to label myself as a creative or an artist because it seemed like I would have to fall under the category of being a creative genius or fashion designer, but I guess that isn’t the case.

I think I started to develop an interest in telling my own stories and ideas through words when I was in middle school. I would see and read other things that inspired me to create my own world and story. I kept a notebook in my night stand and late at night when I couldn’t sleep, I would get up and start writing these fictional stories. Some would be about rich girls in high school (inspired by The Clique series), some would be sci-fi about places where people were cloned, and so on and so on. Although I was basing my ideas off of things that already existed, I was making them my own and changing things to fit the story I wanted to tell.

I think a lot of times people are afraid to truly label themselves as a creative because they feel like they have to do or create extraordinary things to really be one. I think that if you have an idea and are able to execute it in a unique way, not even a way that others can understand, then you are a creative and you are an artist. I think the main thing you need to be able to do is take an idea and roll with it no matter how crazy it may seem. You might surprise yourself.

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  1. Hey girl!

    Sad to not be in any other classes together since it seemed to work out like that quite frequently! I like your contemplation into creative. It is something that I often consider myself. I think people are afraid to label themselves as creative because it does come with connotations. Most things do these days, however, creative can sometimes be synonymous with lack of academic success or a limited future. If it’s not finance or business, being creative can be looked down upon, seen as a weakness rather than a skill.

    Yet, we can make the word mean what we want it to mean. If we believe in it, we can thrive in its success in our life. I am creative, as are you.

    – Julia

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