Reflecting on what my audience means

After sitting at the capstone showcase just a few days ago and seeing all the incredible work created by some of my gateway friends, I began to reflect back on where I wanted to post my own capstone. I know many others have posted them on facebook or sent them around, but I was nervous about who would read it if I did that. But then, right after the showcase, two of my closest friends (who are well represented in my work) asked to see it and be walked through the entire thing. They were kind and helpful, and actually enjoyed reading it, and we continued talking about it simply as a topic that evening. Not only did that affirm my own pride in my work, but made me realize that this is still a conversation worth having, and just because I finished my project doesn’t mean I will be done with this topic in general. It is a huge part of who I am as a person, and a passion I found grow immensely stronger over the past semester.

I may still be deciding what is the best avenue to share my work with the closest people in my life, but now at least I am reaffirmed in how important that sharing is. I am excited and optimistic about having these conversations with others, and to use my project as a foundation for them.

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