So…what now?

I mean, technically I’m not done with my project. But the closer I get to the end, the more I think about how, despite all of the long nights and drawn-out papers and peer review workshops, I really enjoy having a creative outlet. Whether that’s been an amazing 325 course or one of my classes for the minor, I’ve always enjoyed my English-based classes the most because they give me a chance to express myself, or whatever it is that’s on my mind.

But I didn’t major in English. I’m going into a writing-intensive career, but it’s public relations for sports teams. There’s only so much creativity you can add into that before it becomes unnecessary and superfluous. I don’t think I majored in the wrong thing — I certainly like what I do — but how do you keep up with creativity in writing outside of school? If it’s not on your checklist for work, when will you write that essay about your favorite day of the year?

This is probably just some pre-graduation crisis I’m going through right now, but it feels very, very real. I love writing, and I love creating things. But I feel like I don’t have the same outlet to express myself in the future, and that scares me. I don’t want to lose any of that.

Is there anyone going into a similar career (or career without a lot of writing) that feels the same way, or knows of a way to keep up with writing outside of school? I’m sure there are a million ways, but I’m just not sure what they are.

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  1. Laney!!

    I am in a very similar boat as you. (Comm major & writing minor, going into PR )… But I think that we are creative people, and that’s not something we will lose. Being a great writer is a unique talent that we were blessed with, although we’ve had to work hard for it too. You will find a way to be creative in your work, especially since you’ll be writing so much for a PR position! You’ll find a way to brainstorm new ideas, tackle reporting from a new lens, or even spice up a press statement.
    The most important thing moving forward is to make time for ourselves to write outside of work. Even if it’s five minutes a day to jot down a thought or a fleeting feeling. I’m going to be kicking myself about this too – maybe we should hit each other up every once in a while to push each other.

    Good luck with everything, it’s been a pleasure getting to know you. Have an amazing time traveling! (PLEASE JOURNAL EVERYTHING YOU DO / EAT!)


  2. Hi Laney,

    This is super sad. I know those words are basic, and we are writer minors, but they describe my emotions as I leave this school. Mostly, they describe my emotions for leaving my friends including you behind. It’s been a good run, a class with each other almost every semester in college. Here we are on the last day of classes contemplating and having graduation crises.

    I agree with everything you said above. It will be hard to find an outlet for all of this bubbling creativity and thought below the surface. But, I am personally not going into a writing intensive job as you. My creativity will even further be stifled. However, we shouldn’t let that happen. Make a blog for your trip to Europe, your time in a new city, or keep it going about getting your degree and where you will be next.

    I believe in you and I already miss you.

    – Julia

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