So, you’re taking the Minor in Writing Gateway

I’m going to try and share with you some tidbits of knowledge, advice if you will, on how to succeed in the Minor in Writing Gateway without really trying (that’s a joke, you do actually have to try!)
Here we go:

1) Read from your journal, and give feedback on other people’s writing. Don’t be scared! People always appreciate what you have to say, and it makes those awkward silences a lot less awkward.

2) Don’t be afraid to ask your instructor for help; that’s what they’re there for (thanks T!)

3) Once you get to the part of the semester when you’re working on your experiments, START EARLY. I speak from experience.

4) You’re allowed to change your mind! Nothing is ever set in stone.

5) Write in your notebook. A lot. You’ll never know when it’ll come in handy for other classes (one of my English 325 essays was based on something in my notebook)

6) Embrace the chaos! Take advantage of the flexible structure of the class. It scared me at first, having all these not strict deadlines/doing a lot of work on your own, but it has benefitted me in the long run.

Happy writing!

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