some (maybe) good advice

Wow… the day has finally come. After browsing through advice posts from past gateways within the first few weeks of the semester, now, it’s my turn to pass some of that advice onto you. Here it goes:

  • take advantage of the relationships with your teacher and other classmates! It is always acceptable (and actually encouraged) to “bug” them with any questions and roadblocks, but also the milestones, successes, etc. that arise from the work in this class. There is so much knowledge to be shared, and the MiW community is uber supportive, so use it!
  • TIME MANAGEMENT. That is all.
  • in regards to your experiments and final project, make sure you choose an origin/source material that you love. Or at least kinda like and want to revisit. But also, it’s okay if you realize halfway through that you actually hate your origin material and want to change it… you can do that do! Be flexible with this process and realize that the plans you develop for your project are likely to change throughout. Don’t be afraid of this flexibility!
  • Finally, the most important advice that I can share with new gateways is to take risks! Pick experiment genres you would have never dared touch before. Make up new genres (seriously!). Pick projects that matter to you, but again, don’t get discouraged if you complete an experiment and end up hating it! Just move on to the next one and find that motivation. Find the reason “why” you’re doing all this… and let it lead you.

Good luck, have fun, and don’t let yourself get too stressed out! You only get to be a gateway student once! You got this and I can’t wait to see what you all end up creating this semester!

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