Talking, Transcribing, and Transforming

I am excited to finally announce my final project!

Experiment #2, a photo essay about colorism across generations

This photo essay will consist of quotes about colorism from my grandmother, my mother, and myself, along with photos from all three of our lives, child hood through adult hood.

I chose this as my final project because it was the only experiment where I really learned more about colorism. My other two experiments were more self reflective, while my photo essay looked outside of myself for answers.

I have already completed my interviews (although I still need to finish the dreadful process of transcribing them!) and have photos collected from my life. My grandma’s portion is complete because I used it for my sample, so all that is left is receiving pictures from my mother, and actually putting all of the quotes online. Luckily, the website I used to create my sample allows for three free photo essays that I get to keep forever, so I am not afraid of losing my work.

One thing that I’m worried about is keeping the balance of all three sections. My grandma’s section is relatively short, mostly due to the few photos she was able to send, but I, on the other hand, have a lot of photos. I want to make sure it doesn’t seem unbalanced when reading my essay.

My next steps:

  1. Finish transcribing
  2. Choose and organize the best quotes from each interview
  3. Pick and choose the best photos and select an effective order for them
  4. Combine these steps and start completing my project!

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