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I’ve decided to expand my third experiment into my final project; in my third experiment, I entertained the concept of an online game + story hybrid based on the themes from my origin material. Since my original material had a strong focus on the philosophical debate between free will and determinism, my goal has been to take those themes and transpose them into this genre to create what you might consider a bit of a spin off.

The idea of my final project is to provide the user with some basic elements of the story as a minimum, and then gradually reduce the probability that they receive another question. The design is intended so that each question doesn’t have any single “correct” answer, but rather that any answer can be “incorrect” based on some pseudorandom math taking place in the background.

I decided to proceed with this vision for my final project as it’s the 1 that engages me the most. Its eccentric nature also seems to give it a nice bonus of getting other people’s attention.

As I continue to work on the actual implementation of my ideas, I will face numerous questions relating to the nuances of its design. My strategy is currently to try to avoid overthinking things while I still set myself up so I can deliver a quality final product.

*here’s hoping this 1 won’t ruin everything 🙃

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