The End?

So… showcase happened. It was a whirlwind to be reunited with friends from Gateway. Hearing about their post-graduation plans, accomplishments they’re achieved over the past year, and newfound aspirations was wonderful. It allowed me space for self-reflection, as well. Though I enrolled in Gateway only one year ago, I feel that I have experienced years of personal and academic growth. Sometimes, being around old friends and being forced to condense one year into a 2-minute catch-up reminds you of this.

Showcase came and went in a blur. As I was leaving North Quad, I felt conflicting emotions that are largely symbolic of the way I have been feeling as a graduating senior: grateful to have been part of such an intelligent community; and sad to see this community go.

As adult life begins, I hope to remain in contact with many of the writers I have met through this program. I am interested in seeing their future work, and know that this community provides honest and open reflections on my work as well. Though my website is technically “finished,” it still feels far from complete. I know that my project will be a working piece for years to come, both internally and tangibly, and I hope that I will be able to say the same of the Minor in Writing community. Leaving the University of Michigan does not need to mean leaving behind our most influential communities.

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