The Great, the Unfortunate, and the Worst – Challenge Journal #4

Is using the phrase “the good, the bad, and the ugly” with alternative words interesting or just cliche? Maybe a little of both. Oh well.

As graduation approaches and my world will soon be completely new and scary, I feel the need to categorize and segment my feelings into these buckets – the great (yay), unfortunate (ugh), and worst (boo). It helps me to better understand my head space and to more easily identify potential problems. So let’s get to it:

The Great

I just bought a new car (71 miles!!!!!). My dog might be coming to stay with me this weekend (heart eyes). I packed away my winter coat and gloves/hats/scarves for the season. I have my dress(es) for graduation celebrations. I graduate in 10 days!!

The Unfortunate

My new car is still sitting in my parent’s driveway. I’m going to have to take her on a lot of walks. My hands have been cold every morning on my walk to class. I still haven’t found my shoes for graduation. I graduate in 10 days.

The Worst

I’m terrified to drive my new car because I’m afraid that I’ll total it before it reaches 1,000 miles. My dog hates staying with my because I don’t have a yard for her to run around in. I hate cold, dry hands. I still haven’t found my shoes for graduation and I told my mom that I did months ago. Crap, I graduate in just 10 days…

Alas, everything seems to have a good and bad angle. So much for categorization.

Happy writing everyone 🙂

One thought to “The Great, the Unfortunate, and the Worst – Challenge Journal #4”

  1. Hi Alexis!!

    OMG we graduate in 10 days. 10 DAYS! I can’t believe it. It seems unreal to think that we will soon be considered adults by society’s standards and we haven’t found our shoes for graduation yet. I think you should continue to go through life in the YAY bucket. And I’m not saying to stay in that bucket all the time. Sometimes you need the perspective of the BOO bucket to make everything else look better.

    We totally have this. I am freaking out too and it’s exciting to know that someone is right there with me. I can’t thank you enough for a great semester and I wish you the best of luck after graduation IN 10 DAYS!!!

    See you in the BIG HOUSE!


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