The Horrors of Editing in Wix – Challenge Journal #3

When I created the first draft of my website, I had a blast. Picking page layouts, color schemes, fonts, and pictures are, in my opinion, a ton of fun! I wanted my page to be aesthetically pleasing and inspiring – and I did just that. With minimal fonts and a very rustic color scheme, I felt that I had created the type of website I was dreaming of.

However, as more and more pictures were added, the joy I felt in editing the website quickly started to vanish. The increase in content seemed to create an obnoxiously long ‘lag’ in the editing process. Every picture I want to add or adjust seems to not respond or respond in a painfully slow way. I’ve tried different browsers, WiFi connections, etc.

After talking to my group, I’m finding out that this is a problem for most of my group members. Adele mentioned that she used Weebly for her project and has been having minimal issues in this area. With only 75% of the content uploaded on to my current website, I find myself at a crossroads. Do I make a completely new site? Or, do I continue to edit my current work?

What are your experiences with Wix and Weebly? Have any of you navigated around this fault in the Wix editing feature?

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