The Light at the End of the Tunnel

It seems like just yesterday I was entering this classroom for the first time, receiving a syllabus and listening to a lecture about these hypothetical experiments. I remember being overwhelmed and confused at the thought of these three experiments, and a final project, and portfolio with everything in between, thinking, “this is not gonna go well.” But now here we are, knee-deep in finished experiments and heads full of fantasies for their final forms, and I’m seeing it all come to a sad, but exciting end.

When I look back, perhaps the most difficult choice I’ve had to make so far in this class is deciding which experiment to realize into my full project. Through the many hours I have put into working on these experiments, I have fallen in love with each one, and have become invested in making them perfect. For that reason, I wish to continue with all of them (and maybe I will) but for the purpose of this class, I can only choose one. Over the weekend when thinking about which experiment to continue as my project, I was caught between the first, which is a graphic novel, and the third, a poetry collection. However, I arrived at the conclusion that with the graphic novel I have already expanded my horizons by challenging myself to draw and piece together a visual project. Now I just want to write some more. I crave it. Thinking up tiny speech bubbles for the graphic novel didn’t satisfy my urge to write. What can I say? I am a writing minor after all.

A poetry collection is a group of poems published together by an author that follow a similar theme or format. The length and quantity of the poems vary, which is something I’m excited to play around with. Because poetry is something I’ve worked with before, I want to challenge myself to do something different. Maybe I will write a specific type of poem that I’ve not done yet, or will experiment with a length I’ve never achieved (my poems are always long so maybe it would be best to try writing a short one).

Because my other two experiments were so closely tied to my origin piece, I want this one to be more loosely based. I want to explore more of the experiences my character endures in my story and think about it in relation to my own life. For this, I think I will just write poems from now up until when the project is due that follow the themes of the story. I want the production of this experiment to be more natural- more vulnerable. I worry that this project may be difficult to organize, but we will cross that bridge when we get to it. After all, I have written three poems already and have plans to write a whole lot more before I consider organization.

Perhaps the thing about this project I am most unsure about is the way it will be presented. For the sample of my experiment, I tried out a couple different things. I thought about a video, with a slide-show type transition between stanzas that moved to the flow of a narrated voiceover. Then I found a website with the affordance of animated visuals that I worked on for an hour, only for them to try and charge me when I clicked the download button. The easiest thing to do would just to plop a title above the left-aligned text like most poetry collections, but I want this project to be unique. I suppose I will return to this question after the poems are written. Sometimes the words themselves tell me how they’re meant to be presented. I just have to listen.

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