The “real world” (CJ #4)

They say that we go to school to learn, so that someday we can implement that knowledge in “the real world”.

I think the idea of the “real world” is fake. 

We’ve been living in the “real world” this whole time. We’ve had to fight our own battles, cry when we needed to, and celebrated when we deserve it. We’ve felt realemotions, and we’ve allowed our scars to become part of us. We’re resilient, smart, strong. We’re real. 

I became a writing minor because I love to write.

I never thought of the privilege that the minor has granted us until now. 

Every day, we are presented with the opportunity to reflect. We are encouraged to use our words to sort through difficult times, and to capture our growth. Our writing has become increasingly personal rather that academic. 

The capstone project has been a unique opportunity for self exploration and reflection. Too often, students are inspired by a prompt. We must fulfil certain expectations in our writing, adhere to the restrictive margins. Throughout this semester, we found inspiration through our unique passions. We set our own guidelines. I think this project has helped all of us find our voice, and ensured us that our writing process won’t end on May 4th.

We’re not being shoved into the “real world”, but rather experiencing the world through a different lens. Without the title of “student”, we are allowed to become more of us. We’re allowed to create our own projects, and are responsible for continuing to write and capture our growth. 

I think we’re all a little uncomfortable with the uncertainty that lies ahead. But, uncertainty leads to opportunities, experiences & moments. I’m certain it will lead to great things for all of you. 

One thought to “The “real world” (CJ #4)”

  1. Hi Blair,
    I love this, and I’m glad I read it. I tend to jokingly say that I’m a fake adult, or that this isn’t real life (who here hasn’t at least once?), but I think that behind the jokes I’ve always kind of meant it. But you have a really good point, that even if we haven’t been experiencing life as it will be moving forward, everything that we’ve felt and learned in the meantime is still valid.
    I really like where you said that we’re not being pushed out into the real world, but that we’re just experiencing the same world that we’ve been in already in a different way. I’ve been trying to remind myself that everything will work out at some point post-graduation, but I’ve never thought of it that way. Transitioning from being a student to being whatever one will be afterwards is kind of a terrifying experience, and I think your outlook is one that could cut back on some of that post-college panic.

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