to-do: gateway

As you can probably already tell by the title, I wanted this post about advice for the Gateway course to come in the form of a list. I love lists. If you don’t believe me, I’ve written a list about all the reasons I love them before.

But, the truth is, I only have one piece of advice that I hope you will take into consideration:

take risks

Here’s the thing about being graduated in a few years and sitting at a desk writing for a salary, or running through a hospital checking up on patients, or sitting in a courtroom: the chances you will have to take risks decreases by 100.1%.

I tell you now, I beg you: write that piece you’ve always been dreaming about attempting, but have been either too scared or not confident enough to try. Dive into unknown genres and swim around, floating in their mystery, dripping in shiny new-ness and that exciting uncertainty. Adapt a different style, one fresh and never-done-before, even one you’re worried you or someone else might hate– because the thing is, who cares if it doesn’t turn out perfectly the way you planned? This is the only time in life it won’t really matter.

This university is a treasure trove filled with a plethora of opportunities. Every day, I’m astounded by the things that I could accomplish here with just a trip to the library or a conversation with faculty on campus. Why not leap into a land you’ve never visited and explore? Now is your chance. The professors and your classmates and the whole department will be cheering you on. So take that leap of faith, even if your eyes are closed, nose plugged.

To quote the great R&B singer of our generation: remember we only get to be “young, dumb, broke *college* kids” for so long. I say take that excuse and run with it. You might end up finishing triumphantly in a race you never thought you’d be conditioned enough to participate in. To put it simply: it’s now or never. So I encourage you to just take that first step.

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