Working Together

I have no time. Does anyone else have some they can give me? It feels like I sit down to do work and then all of a sudden, I have to get up again to go to another meeting or class or rehearsal. Sometimes I can make time for myself, but since I’m collaborating on my capstone project with my good friend Allie, we have to find time together. And together, we have none. Maybe half an hour at 2:30am on a Thursday, but that’s about it. So how do we make time to work together if we have none?

            Collaboration has long been one of my favorite parts about being creative. I love working my peers to make something new. Working with Allie is not work—she’s incredibly smart and super fun to work with. The challenge is finding time to work together! This capstone project has been a study in how to work together without being together; how to produce work independently that somehow fits together well. It has really changed my perspective on how collaboration can work and what it means to collaborate on something. Thank you, Allie, for being a part of that journey!

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