I haven’t been able to spam everyone with my dream journal in almost a month. I’d like to blame my hiatus from the journal on how busy I am with work.

I am currently the Productions and Artistic Intern for the Great Lakes Chamber Music Festival. I started working full time when I got home in May, and the festival started on June 15th. The first week has been crazy.

My job is basically the Primary Liaison between festival staff and the musicians– so I get to meet and “hang out” with the top musicians in the world. I am happy and dumbfounded to say that I am friends with the Emerson String Quartet. It has been a wild ride running around Detroit and Metro Detroit with these musicians, and I look forward to the second half of the festival (even if I spend 14 hours a day on my feet for 7 days a week).

This festival is making me go a little insane.

This is a warning that I might be very active with my journal over the next couple of weeks.


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