Dirty Laundry

I began English 325 this week and now feel somewhat ashamed of my Dream Journal. We discussed a quote stating that it is the writer’s job to write for the audience, and self-expression is selfish.

I originally created my Dream Journal to make me feel more comfortable posting my writing in front of my peers. I wasn’t expecting anyone to read them, so yes, it started out mostly for myself.

Am I being selfish? Am I abusing this beautiful part to the Minor in Writing?

I told myself that my posts were supposed to be personal, pathetic, and extremely vague. I wanted to take my thoughts and put them in a blender. I wanted to paint the pieces of my thoughts onto the walls so they turned into art–or at least, something new.

The more I think about it, the more my Dream Journal seems like it does not fit into the blog. I could turn it into a collection in a physical journal in which I would be the only audience. This seems most appropriate.

Yet, the jaded artist in me wants to be the shitty “selfish” writer. I want this to be in your face. I want this to be confusing. I want this to make sense. I want it to be as ugly as I am.

This is my dirty laundry that I just don’t know how to clean.

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