Hello, Introductions

This preliminary blog post stressed me out from the start. Maybe because I’ve never liked introductions. Especially an introduction that is expected to accurately sum me up in 300-600 words, while also displaying my (hopefully) “good” writing skills to an audience of students who all already excel in writing themselves. That is why we’re here, right?

Or, maybe I was hesitant to do this assignment because I didn’t have the slightest clue where to start. Which, is usually the case with everything I’ve ever written. I’ve always found the introduction to be the hardest part. I think it’s a combination of wanting it to always be perfectly unique, yet perfectly connected to the entirety of the piece. I should probably stop setting the bar so high because I’m already deep into this piece and feel like I’ve yet to actually introduce myself. But, at this point I’m going with it.

I’ve still yet to decide if I’m more scared of this written introduction, or the iconic, awkward first day of class type of introduction. I think being asked to tell the class “a fun fact” is up there with my least favorite questions of all time. But, I’ve also never liked talking in front of a class. Or having other people read my writing. So, essentially the two most crucial parts of a writing class. I continue to take writing classes, though. Because despite how it may seem at the end of this pretty brutal introduction, I actually do love it.

It’s a love/hate relationship. Bear with me.

3 thoughts to “Hello, Introductions”

  1. I definitely relate to your comment regarding introductions and starting a piece of writing. As much as I love writing, it often seems that just starting something is always the most difficult part for me. This is also where a sort of “love/hate” relationship with writing comes into play for me.

  2. I agree that figuring out how to start, both in introductions and in everything else is always the hardest part. But now you’ve already written an introduction, yay!

  3. Looks like we both had the same anxiety about this intro! I am intimidated being surrounded by people who write equally well if not better than me and the thought of having them critique my writing makes me sweat. We’re in this together though and we can read each others writing lol.

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