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I’m Nick Froelich, a junior studying Performing Arts Technology in SMTD. The title of my major is kind of confusing, which is why I usually just end up telling people I study music. The truth is my major is extremely broad, focusing on recording technology, music composition, songwriting, sound engineering, studio production, and many other disciplines inside and outside the music school. It’s just funny that after telling someone my major it almost always follows with a response such as- “Cool! Uhhhhhhh….. what’s that?”.  I used to love those Choose Your Own Adventure books as a kid, mainly because I was always the type of person who would want to intervene in the middle of a story.  I often equate this concept to my major. I use my major as a platform to continue to explore and gain new practical skills that interest me and allow me to become a better musician, creative, and academic. I chose to apply for the Minor in Writing because writing is an extremely important skill in the real world, and also is essential to my personal objectives as a creator. But enough about my major and academic pursuits, let me tell you a little bit about myself. Though a great deal of my major focuses on technical aspects of music, a huge part of my identity is being a musician.  I play piano and sing, and am a frequent writer of songs. Writing my own music is extremely important to me, existing as my go-to outlet of self expression. Currently, I play in an alt-rock band in which I’m the lead singer/songwriter, and sing/direct in an all male a cappella group. Just this past Friday we got to sing the national anthem at a Detroit Tigers game! (see picture below). And believe it or not, I also enjoy doing things that have nothing to with music! I am a frequent basketball player/NBA enthusiast, a religious coffee drinker, a lover of books, nature, and obscure Spongebob references. 

3 thoughts to “Hey There!”

  1. I loved hearing about your major! I hadn’t heard of the SMTD program before but it sounds awesome! I think the MiW program will be a great addition to it.

  2. Seeing you talk about your major and how it allows you to explore and gain experience is very valuable and relatable, as I feel my major in Art does the same thing. The arts are such a cool place to experiment. You’ll have to share some of your music with us!

  3. That’s so cool that you sang the freaking National Anthem at the Tigers game! I almost went to that game and a bunch of my friends were there so I’ll have to ask them about it. Admittedly, I didn’t really know what your major was before you explained it (guilty as charged), but it’s so refreshing to see people in college doing their passion and not just what they think they have to do (or what their parents tell them).

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