Hey everyone! My name is Jessica Sommers and I am a Junior majoring in Communications and minoring in Writing. I am from Scarsdale, New York which is in the county of Westchester. I am very, very close with my family and spend a lot of time with them. Both of my parents went to the University of Michigan and met here. Because of that, my family has been kind of obnoxiously obsessed with Michigan for years. My two brothers, Ben and Ethan, are rarely found not wearing Michigan clothes. Oh and my dogs name is Maizy Blue after the Michigan colors, maize and blue. So yeah, you could say we’re a little obsessed.

Aside from spending time with my family and friends, I love to travel and eat. I always love exploring new places and cultures. I actually am studying abroad in Barcelona second semester and I can’t wait! Most importantly though, I am obsessed with food. I pretty much spend every hour of every day planning out my meals, looking at pictures of my favorite foods and talking about food with my friends. I can proudly say that I will eat everything and anything someone puts in front of me. And I can eat A LOT of it.

I am very excited to begin my journey through the Sweetland Minor in Writing program. I have always been very passionate about writing and I am very excited to experiment more with my writing skills going forward.

4 thoughts to “Hey!”

  1. I love that your dog is named Maizy Blue, and it’s so cute that your whole family has Michigan school spirit! I also spend a fair amount of my time thinking about food, and I’m jealous of all the tapas you’ll be eating in Barcelona.

  2. Reading this, it was really reassuring to know that I am not the only one that spends that much time thinking about food! There is something so satisfying about planning your meals well in advance that I can completely relate to. I just wish I could translate that level of dedication and organization to other aspects of my life! Who knows, maybe we will manage a way to incorporate our love of food into this writing experimentation process?

  3. Food is the best part of any day. I’m glad you feel the same way haha. What are some of your favorite places to eat in Ann Arbor? Also, I’m surprised to see the picture from NYPD, because I feel like most New Yorkers I’ve met tend to believe that Michigan Pizza isn’t “real pizza” – whatever that means. I’d be interested to hear your take on it.

  4. Your description of your family is so fun. My dad and I always grew up the sports fans in our house, but my mom and sister didn’t really care, so I’ve always wondered what it would be like to have that kind of shared experience with family. I love your photos!
    Looking forward to reading more this semester!

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