Introduction to Blogging- Draft

I have always enjoyed blogs. Whether they be fashion blogs, food blogs, lifestyle blogs, television blogs, or book blogs—they all intrigue me. I am interested in the blogging genre, as blogs are a work of art. Blogs can be anything the author envisions them to be. From blogs that include New York Fashion Week highlights, to Game of Thrones blogs, to blogs on the Hunger Games series—the blogging culture is one I am fascinated by. I read an online journalism blog, and two quotes stood out to me. “Blogging, above all else, is conversational. It is social. It is networked. There are two key features to the blog: links, and comments. Fail to include either, and you’re talking to yourself.” A huge part of the blogging genre is communications. As a Communications major, I have studied all different aspects of communications and how technology influences the way we interact. I would define myself as a communicator—I am someone who always wants to hear the most recent news, see the latest post, and analyze it! “Blogging is also incomplete, open, and ongoing. It is about process, not product. It is about a shared space.” This is another quote that caught my eye. It portrays the aspect that blogging is what you make of it. One writer could be short and sweet with their words, while other writers can write essays upon essays about whatever topic they are interested in. As I read on another blog, I found a quote that speaks to the debate of separating what is a blog post and what is not a blog post. The author of this blog, Kevin, says “why do I make the distinction? If one piece feels like an essay and the next piece feels like a blog post, but both were intended for publication on a blog, why not just publish them as intended?” Blogging lets my mind travel to places of creation, positivity, and excitement. I look forward to transitioning my personal statement essay into a blog filled with the adventures of being a gluten-free girl in the times of unfamiliarity to popularity of this now—healthy, cool diet everyone wants to try!

Attached below are some pictures of blogs I have explored, and the source of where I found my quotes is there too!

3 thoughts to “Introduction to Blogging- Draft”

  1. I honestly knew almost nothing about blogging as a serious form of writing before we read that assignment two weeks ago, so I’ve been really interested in learning about it. I’m struck by its flexibility as a genre, which is probably the thing I like the most about my own genre, short fiction. I want to know more about how different bloggers use this flexibility to their advantage in organizing their writing.

  2. Hey there!

    I love how ~bloggy~ (if that’s a thing?) your post felt when I read it! It feels super personable and conversational! It has character! I’m super interested in how this will translate into your final experience and how it could transform my conventional understanding of blogging as a genre! I am super curious about other genres that you can transform your personal statement! I’m excited to see what you come up with!

  3. This post makes me want to read more blogs because I really don’t, but now think they actually could add a lot of substance and entertainment into my life! I think you have really good experience with blogs and how they are formatted. Your origin piece also seems like it would fit in perfectly, because it gives you a chance to be a little quirky and creative, but also conversational about your own life experience. I think it puts a fun twist on growing up as gluten-free before it became (as you said) trendy.

    I really like how you note that blogs are communication. When I read the quote, “Blogging, above all else, is conversational. It is social. It is networked. There are two key features to the blog: links, and comments. Fail to include either, and you’re talking to yourself” it really struck a chord with me. Blogs really are meant to be a two, three, or how many ever person dialogue that isn’t defined by just one post. I’m excited to see how you include this connectivity in your own 🙂

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