My name is Aria Gerson. I’m sitting in Starbucks on a Saturday afternoon in September writing this, which is notable because I usually spend my Saturdays in Big Ten football press boxes. That’s just a fancy way of saying I’m on the football beat for The Michigan Daily and I write about the team on a day to day basis. I maintain that the women’s bathroom in the press box at Michigan Stadium is the best bathroom on campus. I’m hoping to do sports journalism as a career, and I spent my summer on Cape Cod interning for the Cape Cod Times and covering the Cape Cod Baseball League.

Outside of The Daily, I’m majoring in political science. I’m a former theatre kid who blogs about theatre, dance and concerts for Arts at Michigan and I’ve been a member of Wolverine Support Network for the past year. I like to tweet (a lot). I use a lot of exclamation points, both ironically and non-ironically, and I like to yell about football coaches’ playcalling. I like music, particularly female-fronted indie pop bands, songs with key changes and songs with high notes so that I can use my old belting chops every time I’m in the car and pretend that I sound great while doing it. I shop a lot, drink a lot of coffee and eat a lot of ice cream. I love trivia and play competitively in an online league, which is not to say that I’m good, but playing itself is half the battle, right?

4 thoughts to “Well…hi!!”

  1. I love sports so I think it’s really cool how involved you are with the Michigan football team! I also really relate to your line “I shop a lot, drink a lot of coffee and eat a lot of ice cream”. I love to do all of those things and find myself prioritizing them rather frequently!

  2. Hi! I’m also on the Daily, although in the News section, but I’m excited to see you around the newsroom this year! I think it’s so cool that you’re in an online trivia league. I haven’t played trivia since that one app (Trivia Pop?) was a huge trend but it’s really fun.

  3. My high school friends and I go to a weekly trivia game at a local wing bar when we are all home for break, and I’m glad to find another trivia lover here in Michigan! I too am not great at it (we have been playing for years and have never cracked the top 5 teams), but that doesn’t take any joy out of participating. Also, your summer internship sounds super cool! I’d love to hear more about it sometime!

  4. First, I have to say I’m really jealous of that picture on the field in the Big House. It’s just awesome. Also, I noticed that you mostly write about football here, but you also mentioned some other sports like baseball. Do you have a favorite sport or are you just a general fan? What about a least favorite?

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