Different Difficulties for Different Experiments

Two very different experiments and two very different kinds of difficulty. My first experiment was creating a buyer’s guide for guitar. It wasn’t meant to turn out like this, but after attempting to zero in on what I was attempting to create, a buyer’s guide was the most straightforward topic to consolidate my ideas. Turns out, I really did not enjoy creating a buyer’s guide on guitar. It was extremely boring. This negative attitude barred me from deeply considering how to make the topic more interesting. Instead, I put in little effort just to get it over with. In my meeting with Ray after finishing the first experiment, we discussed many ways in which I could improve upon a cut and dry buyer’s guide. The difficulty with this project was the LCD of Effort

I created a progression video on my progress for guitar as my second experiment. This was significantly more invigorating than my first project. I found myself actively wanting to work on this idea. The difficulty in this experiment was the complexity of the medium. Compared to a textual format, videos have many different dimensions not present in text: physical movement, audio, framing, etc. Although there is carry over from text, video has more dimensions and thus is more complex. Furthermore, I have never worked with video before which made things even harder. Essentially, the difficulty of the first project was because I didn’t want to do it, while the difficulty of the second project was that there was too much to do.

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