God forbid I run out of sauce for my burrito

Today in class, in the spirit of Halloween, Ray’s daily icebreaker question was “what is your silliest irrational fear?” At the time I said something stupid, but now that I’m sitting here at 2 AM eating vegan chik’un nuggets with ketchup, I have realized my real irrational fear.

Running out of sauce.

I’m terrified of not having enough sauce for whatever food I’m eating. The thought of not having enough ketchup to dunk my nuggets into freaks me out. There is absolutely no way I could eat a dry nugget, so even if I have at least a tablespoon of ketchup left for 2 small nuggets, I’ll squirt at least 1 or 2 tablespoons more onto the plate.

I also do this with my Taco Bell burritos. Every time I’m at the drive through, I ask for at least fifteen mild sauces. If I get two burritos, I double it to thirty. I know I’ll never use fifteen or thirty mild sauces. But I. Cannot. Run. Out. Of. Sauce.

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