How to: write a how to!

  1. Know your topic: It’s important to do research and have intimate knowledge of a topic if you’re writing a how-to guide. My guide idea, “How to Survive Having Been on a Game Show” certainly fits that, as I’ve lived that myself and know others who have been as well.
  2. Know your audience: So, yeah, a lot of how-to guides are clickbait. The “how to write a how-to guide” articles I read were mostly about how to write stuff that got the most clicks. That’s not what I want. I want to further explore the idea of having been on a game show by using my experiences and others’ ā€” and maybe a dash of humor ā€” to answer the question: “You’ve been on a game show. Now what?”
  3. Use list format: I read through a couple samples of “how to get on a game show” articles, some more clickbaity than others, because those originals are my inspiration ā€” there’s a ton of “how to get on a game show” out there but nothing about what to do after you’ve aired and you have to deal with weird questions and “did you win?” constantly. For me, that was the harder part. But this article, while the best one I found, wasn’t written in list format and it bothered me. Listicles on the internet can be kinda annoying sometimes, but in this case, they make the how-to easier to read, so you can see each step set out for you before going into the specifics.
  4. Make it interesting: My main goal here is to see how I can explore a fairly unique experience using a more informational format. So, while my origin piece was an essay, I want to take some of the same themes from that but present them as more of a guide for others that have a similar experience rather than a personal narrative.

4 thoughts to “How to: write a how to!”

  1. I think that this genre choice will allow you to take your origin piece and turn it into something more personal, and you will be able to use your writer’s voice and personality extensively!

  2. I absolutely loved that you made you blog post a how-to article to describe the genre of a how-to article! In a weird way it really emphasized all your points about the importance of lists and making it interesting, because your blog post was in fact easy to read and to the point! I think the subject of how to survive on a game show is funny and there is a lot of room to make this informative but kind of satirical too!

  3. Hi Aria!

    I know you said you wrote this last minute and you apologized for it not being good… but like it is? I think you’ll do a really great job on this one because your how-to how-to wasn’t boring, unlike how I often find most of them to be. I think your writing style and tone will make for a really great how-to so I’m super excited to see how this will unfold for the rest of this experiment! Can’t wait!


  4. Hey Aria,

    Wow! Very cool to read that you have been on a game show before! I really like your idea of using your experience on the show and incorporating comedy with it! I think also discussing the aftermath of being on the game show will be awesome! Iā€™m really excited to see how this can be a guide for your similar audience! šŸ™‚

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