powder room

It’s weird for me to think about what went wrong about this experiment because it exploded – or imploded? – into something that I never would have expected. I never thought that writing song lyrics would be not only as fun, but as revealing as it as, but this whole experiment made me do a lot of self-reflection that I wonder is more a critique of myself then a critique of the way than that of the experiment. A lot of what I wrote was very measured and powdered, and I feel very mixed about it because something that I value immensely in music I listen to is genuineness, so if I can’t write genuinely about my topics what does that say about my self? None of the raw opinions, views, or even experiences I’ve had were included within my writing, and when I reflect and think of the worth of the piece as a whole after thinking that, it’s very disheartening.

I’m thinking about recording a song over a beat for my new experiment, but a couple of worries I have are:

  1. Lyrical Delivery, (I’d argue this is the most important topic of the list, hense it being number one hehe)
  2. Lyrical Content
  3. Overall Clarity
  4. Chosen Beat
  5. The fact that I’ve never made a song before and I’m really just making all this along as I go through the process.

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