Trying to please the crowds

I think the main difficulty in addressing my topic is that it dives deep into sexism and I know that can be a controversial topic. It is not a necessarily complex topic, but because of the multitude of different views on it, a cognitive burden is present. I think my topic also could be borderline feminist simply because there evidently has been more gender barriers put up for women in sports than men, and I am worried that I won’t be able to connect to males that will be reading my prose. 

I think my topic can be hard to discuss because I don’t want to tear apart anyones views on the topic, but I also don’t want people to necessarily be comfortable reading about it either. I want to be able to challenge their ideas and their emotions, but in a respectful way and a pleasant way. 

It has been difficult to find a balance in my topic, looking at it from both sides of the spectrum, males and females. I think this means researching perspectives from both males and females, but I also think I need to be careful that my prose doesn’t leave an impression that there are only two genders. I am trying to satisfy a wide audience and I think that might be my largest difficulty. I need to focus in on a narrower audience and not worry about satisfying every reader. 

Another difficulty in my topic is that I don’t feel that I have connected with it fully. When I was brainstorming a topic I wanted to choose something that was close to me, something that I interacted with daily and was passionate about. I wanted to write about coxing on the men’s rowing team here at UofM, but I knew this topic was not very complex or broad, that is why I chose to open up the topic to sexism in sports in general, however I am having a hard time rounding this topic back up to my personal experience because my experience is kind of the opposite of sexism. I have been integrated onto an all male team, something that used to never be the case. The largest difficulty I see moving forward will be bridging the gap between sexism in sports and my personal experiences, so that they may work conjunctly. 

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