Unattainable and overambitious

My main difficulties for Experiment 1:

  1. Feeling like I’m not adding something new and ground-breaking to the discussion
  2. Trying to make it more than just a historical article
  3. Connecting each separate idea to create a fully linked story (for example, linking the history of hysteria to modern gaslighting to how can we fix this?)

I feel like I tried to accomplish some unattainable things with this first experiment. For one, the time crunch made it difficult to really dive into each aspect I wanted to talk about. Second, this laundry list of topics to shove into one single long article might be too ambitious — and just not working.

All of my difficulties link together. I wanted to create something that’s unique and all-encompassing — something I haven’t seen yet on the internet during my research. However, because of that goal, I ended up creating an outline that seemed too general. I didn’t have an angle to narrow it down. Instead, I imagined everything I could talk about and put a number by it, and decided which space it would occupy in my outline. I went from the history of hysteria to modern gaslighting and then tried to tackle a question that obviously doesn’t have a black and white answer — how can we fix this?

I don’t know if it all connects, or if the story goes overboard with ambition. Do I need more specificity? Do I need a different genre? Or is it something else entirely?

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