Why can’t I answer this question?! !

My first experiment and second experiment were drastically different. My first experiment was more about the inclusivity of women into sports in a historical context, whereas my second experiment was more about my personal experience being on an all male sports team. I really didn’t like creating my first project and I think this was because I found myself so bored with the topic. I usually don’t like being frank, but 100% that project was a snooze fest. I kept questioning whether this was the right topic for me or if I needed to change it completely, but it turns out I just needed to tweak it a little bit. Instead of focusing on the sexism within sports, I tried to incorporate my story more into this cross section of sports and gender. My biggest difficulty right now is figuring out how to flesh out my topic and expand from my second experiment in order to develop a third experiment that is something novel. 

One difficult question that I have come across is “What does it mean to be a female on an all male intercollegiate team?” I kept finding myself avoiding this question in the second experiment and instead I would just talk about what rowing and a coxswain is instead of the team dynamic. I decided to do interviews of other coxswains on the team for this question and now I’m realizing even more that I am avoiding answering this question myself by designating others to answer it. I feel like spending time thinking about this question and how exactly it relates to me will help me develop my third experiment. 

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