Clichés related to my topic

My topic is about Public Health, and the most common way to promote awareness about certain problems related to public health is through over-exaggeration of the consequences. In another post, I discussed the popularity and representation of Public Health. Although, this could be a method of making Public Health topics more popular, it doesn’t mean I support it. To me, I am not a fan of twisting the truth, or stretching it to the point where it isn’t even the truth.

For example, some people were protesting a foam like substance that came from the Marathon petroleum refinery. A few of those people were saying that some people were dying because of this and they can’t breathe better. The thing about those two statements isn’t that they are not true, but they aren’t occurring at the moment of the interview. For this reason, this won’t really spark change.

This is why I believe we should make people more informed. Through this way, we can provide people with enough knowledge to debate and defend topic related to Public Health. As well as, have better regulations towards the problem they are seeking to end. I am not saying that those statements are not true, as there is research that supports their statements to an extent. For example, people living by the petroleum have an increased risk of having asthma or cancer. So in a way, they could possibly die because of it, but it isn’t necessarily saying they are dying immediately from it.

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