A Wix Appreciation Post

So it turns out that using Wix is really, really fun. At first I was pretty worried about creating a whole website, but Wix has done all of the work for me. I was particularly worried about how I was going to display the hyperlinks to the poems I’ve chosen in a way that didn’t look terrible, but I just found a template on Wix that is exactly what I need.

If anyone needs any help using Wix, feel free to reach out! I’m not a graphic design expert by any means but I’ve spent quite a few hours playing with my sites, and I like to think I’ve learned a few things.

P.S. I promise Wix didn’t pay me to say any of this, I’m just a very big fan of them. Also, I’ve typed the word “Wix” so many times it doesn’t sound like an actual word anymore. Where did the word “Wix” even come from? Maybe that will be my next blog post.

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