Does this count as writing?

I’m really excited about what I came up with for my final experiment, and I’m really curious to hear what Raymond thinks about it. The experiment is a curation of all the climate change poetry I have found so far, poetry whose subject matter ranges from descriptions of environmental disaster to individual experiences of eco-anxiety, poetry whose authors span continents and generations.

I was inspired to do this experiment when I realized that there’s no real comprehensive collection of climate change/global warming poetry anywhere on the Internet, or I haven’t found it at least. There are several lists and short collections of poems with titles like “The Best Poems About Climate Change,” but nowhere can readers find a collection of poems larger than 20 poems or so, and I think that kind of resource could be really useful to a lot of people, especially if the resource allows users to search for specific kinds of poems within the curation.

A major concern I have about this experiment, though, is that it’s not nearly as writing-intensive as my previous experiments, and I feel that it should be since this is a writing course after all. I included a brief synopsis of a poem for the excerpt portion of the experiment, and I wonder if that’s something I could do for all of the poems I curate. I also wonder whether there’s room for me to include other forms of my writing in a project like this. An idea I’m currently playing with is writing relatively short blog post/field note type pieces of writing about poems I come across that particularly speak to me, and putting them in a separate section of my website. I guess we’ll see what happens.

P.S. I really hope I used the right tag for this blog post.

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