Let’s change the address

A few days ago, I had to choose the sub-domain name for my gateway website. I was nervous! A website is such an official step! However, when I looked at the names of post-gateway students’ websites, what I saw surprised me. The majority of the websites were some variation of the student’s first and last name. I was expecting the website name to be connected to the student’s research topic for the Gateway course, which is what I was planning to do.

There is one reason why the website names were mostly students’ unique names, though. Most of the students used the website builder Wix. Wix is a great tool, with its only downfall being that you can’t choose your sub-domain name. The sub-domain is the first part of the web address, so for this website, the sub-domain is ‘writingminor’. So since Wix limits this choice, every gateway student who uses Wix is forced to use their email account as their web address.

After seeing that the norm was to use your name as your web address, I became uncomfortable with the idea of using an address that relating to my topic. I ended up doing research on a few different types of web page building services, and decided that I did want to have the power to choose my own domain name.

But then came the stress of choosing my website’s name! I wanted it to be catchy, and, I’m sorry to you haters, but punny. I was not sure how to shorten my topic into two or three words though! I was completely stuck in the website-naming form of writers’ block, and decided to call my creative friend Olivia, who has previously helped me through the architect’s version of writers’ block. Together we brainstormed and wrote down a few ideas. I ending up going with a name I came up with, DrawingOnEmotions, which can be interpreted in two ways. First, the word drawing applies to the hand drawing that occurs in architecture — so that’s my reference to a pun. Second, when someone draws on their emotions, they are bringing them into their awareness and consciousness (which is exactly what I want people to do!) .

Publishing my website that did not fit status quo was a little nerve wracking for me, because I was being ~different~. But now that I have a website that I could add to my resume (we’ll see how it goes first), I am glad it has a web address similar to a professional website.

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