Self-gaslighting and Bitch Media

In class, Ray asked us to think about any criticisms we have regarding the representation of our topic thus far. My topic is gaslighting, and although it’s a very popular phenomenon, everything I’ve seen and read fails to discuss the lasting pain it can have on someone’s psyche. Most articles are about what it is, where it takes place (ex: Donald Trump’s administration or a toxic relationship) and a list of warning signs to see if you’re being gaslighted. Occasionally, I’ll see a personal story or a “how to” fight back against your gaslighter. However, something I haven’t seen is a discussion on the aftermath of being gaslighted, and especially how that can lead to self-gaslighting (a topic also rarely discussed).

I’m interested in how experiences with personal or societal gaslighting can eventually lead to other painful behaviors as aftermath, specifically self-gaslighting. Instead of brushing it off as just being insecure, anxious or doubtful, which of these tendencies develop due to the “gaslit nation” that has surrounded women for centuries?

Ray also asked us another question: where would you like to see your work published? Since I’m attempting to make a podcast for my final project — AKA my favorite form of media — I have big dreams for where I’d like it to end up. Ideally, I’d like it to end up on NPR, NYT or WNYC Studios.* For example, something like NPR’s Pop Culture Happy Hour, where we’d start by dissecting a film or TV show that shows gaslighting and from there, shift into having deeper conversations (with guests). In another example, WNYC Studios has a show called “Two Dope Queens,” where we would be able discuss my idea but with the perspective of black women, who experience different and potentially more severe forms of gaslighting. I guess now I’m just choosing podcasts and putting their theme’s spin on my idea, but it’s pretty cool seeing how versatile my concept is.

*There’s also a smaller publication I admire called Bitch Media. It’s an all-things-feminist magazine, which also has a strong online presence. They also make two awesome podcasts, analyzing today’s media and pop culture from a feminist lens. I would love to see my podcast published here.

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