Truma-(un)informed care

I vainly looked for great examples of what I’m trying to produce – a comprehensive guide of the treatments for trauma. The websites I looked at are mostly incomplete, they all lack some of the treatment options. For example, some websites includes only evidence-based treatments but doesn’t include all of them. The treatment options that come up on google are usually the same, no matter what websites you’re looking at. Cognitive Processing Therapy, EMDR and medications. Even thought these treatments are valid, they are certainly not the only approaches that could help people heal from trauma and PTSD. And if you’re a person looking for treatment, you can’t make an informed decision if you don’t know what are all the treatments available.

Typically the treatments that are most likely found on the Internet are the traditional “talk-therapy,” which involves talking about the traumatic experiences. However, some people might not be able to talk about the trauma, either because they’re cognitively not able to articulate what happened (e.g. children that have been sexually abused) or because it is so overwhelming that it is hard to put it into words (e.g. veterans that have experienced some extremely traumatic war events). Also, because of individual differences, the three treatments above mentioned might not work for everyone. In fact, many patients that had PTSD for a long might be treatment-resistant, and the traditional talk-therapy might not work for them.

What I concluded by doing my research on the treatments available is that we need to do better at informing people what are the options available so that they can make better decisions. By having all (or almost all) the options presented in one website, it could be easier to compare and decide which approach might fit better. Asking for help and going to treatment is very difficult per se, especially when it comes to trauma, and I realized that navigating the mental health system can be challenging. I would like to contribute by making the process of choosing the right treatment a little bit easier for the people who are about to embark on the healing journey.

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