Who knew I could relate to art?, not me.

When I was first asked the question of what art is most meaningful or that I feel the most related to, however it’s the furthest away from you, nothing popped into my head. I have never been a huge fan of going to art museums and staring at canvases on walls, but then I started to view the prompted question more broadly. I started to think about what music or movies I particularly felt related to, and immediately I thought of my favorite band Lord Huron. I feel furthest away from Lord Huron because music is something that I’ve never really been that interested in. The closest I got to really exploring any musical ability of mine was recorder class in first grade.

Even though I feel disconnected from their form of art, there’s just something about their music that makes me feel cozy and comfortable and at home. I feel like that is what relatedness really means as a concept. It’s when you feel like you can really connect to something on the level that you can use it as a way to identify with yourself. I can relate to the lyrics of Lord Huron’s songs as well as their overall vibe of being relaxed and going with the flow. One of my favorite songs by them is “Ends of the Earth.” The lyrics are about wandering and being out in the environment and exploring new places, all of which are things that I think people would use to describe me. Click on the link below if you wanna give them a listen (no I am not being paid to endorse Lord Huron)

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